André L. Nel

Academically I started life as a mechanical engineer with a passion for making / constructing things. By accident I became an academic with interests in: Image processing, Robotics – especially locomotion and control systems and CFD.

Presently I have ongoing research based projects in the following fields:


  1. application of bio-mimicry in areas such as legged locomotion eg spiking NNs for sensing and locomotion integration
  2. body position management
  3. rough terrain travel using various leg and wheel arrangements

Image processing

  1. microCT segmentation in mineral specimens
  2. plenoptics for fluid flow analysis
  3. radiographic imaging for TB estimation and longitudinal tracking of site development
  4. feature analysis specifically around textures and LBP
  5. Urban Heat Island estimation using multispectral remote sensing and ground based data
  6. deformable object recognition – eg tattoos (where skin deformation forms a limit) / flow objects (where there are no restrictions)


  1. understanding fluid equipment process development around LBM and granular flow in multiphase flows
  2. using vision based flow analysis to substantiate CFD results
  3. slurry flow analysis – in equipment and pipelines